Facility Requirements

Vaccine Requirements

The Erlanger Pet Resort and Day Spa formulated our vaccine protocol based on the Vaccine Guidelines established by American Animal Hospital Association.

We want nothing more than to protect your pet from preventable diseases they may encounter in their community or while in our care, through exposure to other animals. Please carefully review the vaccine requirements below with your veterinarian to ensure your pet is properly protected. We will require proof of all vaccines given to your pet from a licensed veterinarian before any services are performed.

Canine Requirements

Physical Exam – Annually
A physical exam, is one of the most important ways to ensure your pets health.

Fecal Exam – Annually
Detects the eggs of intestinal parasites (worms) and microscopic organisms like coccidia. The common intestinal parasites, roundworms and hookworms, can cause disease in humans, especially children.

Rabies – One year or 3 year vaccines
This vaccine protects against the rabies virus, transmitted through the bite or saliva of an infected animal. Rabies infection is almost 100% fatal in animals, and humans.

DAPP – One year or 3 year vaccines
This vaccine protects against distemper. A highly infectious disease of dogs. This often fatal disease causes serious respiratory disease, gastrointestinal and/or neurological problems. This vaccine also protects against canine parvovirus disease, transmitted through contact with infected dogs or their feces. The virus causes significant gastrointestinal disease and can be fatal without treatment.

Bronchi‐Shield‐ Kennel Cough -Every 6 months
Commonly referred to “kennel cough”, this vaccine protects against Bordetella bacterial infection. Bordetella is highly contagious between dogs and causes respiratory problems, including a severe cough.

Leptospirosis – Annually
(Requires first vaccine and booster in 2‐4 weeks)
This vaccine protects against Leptospirosis bacteria which is acquired through contact with infected animals or their urine. Infection can cause serious disease including liver failure, kidney failure or death. Humans are susceptible to Leptospirosis infection through contact with the urine of infected pets.

Canine Influenza – Annually
(Requires first vaccine and booster in 2‐4 weeks)
Canine Influenza is a relatively new disease caused by a “flu” virus. It cause respiratory infection and only affects dogs. It spreads quickly and may cause serious illness such as pneumonia. When dogs are exposed, the can “shed” the virus for 10 days before appearing sick.

Feline Requirements

Physical Exam – Annually
Rabies – Annual or 3 yr
FVRCP – Annual or 3 yr


Physical Exam – Annually

Please have your veterinarian FAX the Erlanger Pet Resort and Day Spa your current vaccine information prior to you visit.

Fax number – 859‐342‐3355
Phone number ‐ 859‐727‐3940

We are happy to be your pet’s home away from home, and the place they feel comfortable getting pampered. Our staff is dedicated to creating a safe environment, and our affiliated veterinarians are available for both routine and emergency care during your pet’s vacation.

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